Day 26 — Unpleasant.

I’m not sure if my helminths recently went migrating to a new location, but my body is acutely aware of them now. This morning I took 10mg Prednisone (I haven’t taken it in months) to help with the GI symptoms I recently developed. It seemed to help, but as the day wore on I noticed some very odd symptoms: nerve sensations — sciatica, while driving in the car. Twinges in my left hand as I reached out to open doors, etc. An unusual warming sensation on my face, migrating to the top of my head. Ringing ears. Numbness in my lips, a pressure as if they were swelling, but no noticeable visual signs of this. I had a gagging sensation, like my throat was closing, that came and went periodically. Also some dizziness, and a racing heart. I really felt out of sorts, as this is unlike any allergic reaction I’ve had in the past, except for something like a nut or shellfish reaction. Even those foods don’t create the same broad impact.

I took a benadryl, then started dosing with lots of vitamin C, which for me has always been a potent antihistamine.

An hour later I was beginning to feel a bit better, enough to eat, and I had an appetite. Four hours later, and I’m feeling pretty stable. Given this sudden and unexpected episode, I now have a good supply of benedryl on hand. I don’t want to become dependent on the steroids, so will leave them alone as long as possible. Let’s hope today’s reaction was a one-off, or that at the very least any subsequent ones will be less intense.


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