Day 27 — Some minor turbulence.

Today I woke after a long, deep sleep and I was feeling pretty good, so I avoided an early dose of prednisone. I wanted to see how my new old friends would behave on their own.

Several hours of stability gradually gave way to another reaction, again in mid afternoon, with a severe stuffy nose, feverish moments, and those throat sensations again. I took 10mg prednisone, hopefully the last of it I’ll need, and followed that with five 1000mg vitamin C tablets. I also drank a few pints of water, to curb dehydration after a few days of GI trouble. Within about 30 minutes — problem solved. I’m also happy to report my gut isn’t perfect yet, but it’s normalizing.

While there may be some dips along the way, I tend to think I’m getting over the worst of it. For now, let’s call it mere turbulence. Onward and upward, helminths.


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