Day 34 — Tinkering.

So I woke up late again, with pretty intense fatigue, but discovered something unexpected — symptoms of a sinus infection. I thought I had banished it weeks ago, using my neti pot, but it appears to have been smoldering away, dormant, and is now flaring up again.

I’m not surprised — allergy season is still going full bore, predisone (even the small doses I took) may have weakened my immunity some, and the helminths themselves have a reputation for giving those of us with hyper-vigilant immune systems the vulnerability of mere mortals.

I’m back using my neti pot, twice so far today, with a pinch of salt and baking soda. It’s a simple solution that worked before, and this time around I plan to stick with it for maintenance after the “all clear” is sounded.

Again, I’m a witness to this process, and willing to be encouraged by things that aren’t altogether positive. It’s comforting to actually have a low-grade infection, whether it’s viral or bacterial, simply because the “sick” me never got them for the last 10 years. I think my defenses were always too reactive to let it happen.

And I’m realizing that if it weren’t for my sinus issues, I might actually be bouncing out of bed by now. My body feels pretty good, otherwise — no real GI issues anymore, more clarity in my head, and a brighter mood.

Let’s go, sinuses. Stop your sniveling. Onward!


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