Day 36 — A glimpse of the Sun.

Last night I went to bed feeling tired, achy, and my mind was a chaotic muddle as I tried to tune out the tinnitus, and breathe through a stuffy nose. This is a fairly common state for me now, to feel worn out and on edge from the worm flu, especially at night.

But not 30 minutes after I had laid down, I began to feel an unusual warming in my limbs. I started to take an inventory of my senses, and it wasn’t like I had a fever. Instead, I was going from a cold and somewhat clammy state, to a healthy and warmish glow. The transformation was a bit shocking, because along with the temperature shift, my mind began to stir, and my mood lifted.

Soon, I realized I was fully awake, smiling spontaneously, and all my muscles were relaxed. This almost felt like a reprise of the “bounce” I got in week 1. Odd as it might sound, my sinuses opened completely, my chest congestion eased, and most any discomfort I had felt, anywhere in my body, went away. 15 minutes later I had drifted into a deep sleep that lasted until my usual, early wake-up time.

This morning, instead of being cloudy-headed I was alert and somewhat energetic. I went about my morning ritual feeling nearly “well”, but eventually I could tell the GI symptoms were still with me, and in time my nasal congestion returned.

What an incredible joy it was to catch a few hours of “health” again as I continue my adjustment. Perhaps best of all was the feeling in my mind, of stability and ease. Later this evening I had enough energy to ride my excercise bike — not a full workout, and not at that fast a pace, but enough to feel strength returning. Maybe it’s not quite linear, but this is progress.


2 thoughts on “Day 36 — A glimpse of the Sun.

  1. Some people report periods of euphoria as the immune system is tuned. It is very welcome (compared to the rest of the grind). I think it’s a good sign you are seeing this so early in your treatment. 🙂


  2. i am so glad to hear you say this. fingers crossed. would love to be able to eat a full menu of food in a few months, and maybe sooner, if things go well. i appreciate your support, and helping to light the way. 🙂


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