Six Weeks — Hooray, Helminths!

Today I woke up early feeling a touch of worm flu. I’d only slept a few hours (friends came late the night before) and for some reason I had… an odd bit of energy. Sure, I was dried out and congested, which is par for the course these days, but I just hydrated myself with water and electrolytes, and then went about my work day.

Trips to the bathroom? Oh, yes, indeed. More than a few — the usual routine. However, my earlier attention to fluids and minerals seemed to help dampen that immune reaction after a while. I trudged onward. By lunch, my appetite wasn’t huge, but I ate anyway. Several hours later, I quit working for the day.

Still feeling fairly good, I went out and took a walk, then settled in for a nap, and fell asleep easily. Not 30 minutes later, I woke up spontaneously, with a burst of… real energy. Hmmmm… my nose was suddenly wide open, my gut felt calm and happy. My mood was… really upbeat.

Taken aback by this, I tried to put all wishful thinking out of my mind and conducted an objective inventory of my senses. Nothing was quite where it had been yesterday, not at all. In fact, aside from the faintest ringing in my ears, I hardly recognized my body. For quite a while, I just laid there, grinning.

Is this the beginning of not only a new uptrend, but what it feels like to be… getting well?

One thought on “Six Weeks — Hooray, Helminths!

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