Day 5, and feeling benefits already

Some of the changes I’m experiencing now may be due to a “bounce”, which is a short term high a small percentage of those who do helminthic therapy experience. My first inoculation came with a 5 or 6 day euphoria, where for much of it I felt like i was 19 again. This time around I’ve been sick with a flu virus, feeling fatigued, and having sinus issues, so it’s been difficult to discern what’s “worm flu” and “real flu”.

This morning I woke up feeling hormonally more activated than I’ve been in months, perhaps even a year. For men it’s pretty easy to pick up these clues. No blood test required. My free testosterone has been low for many months, and my luteinizing hormone (LH) is also low. This indicates not a problem with the testes, which in my case are fine, but instead it’s a pituitary malfunction. Basically the brain isn’t able to signal the testes to produce T, so the free T levels remain low. My theory as to why this is happening relates to gut/brain inflammation and SIBO. To further complicate matters, low T can cause gut inflammation, which compounds the entire problem. But this morning I seem to have witnessed the start of a virtuous circle.

My energy levels are still low, so I took a nap around 2pm and as I laid there I took an inventory of my body — true relaxation hasn’t felt possible for quite a few weeks. Today I not only felt calm in my mind, but my muscles were looser, and I could feel that comfortable ‘shudder’ of my parasympathetic nervous system activating. It’s a wave of energy I’ve always felt through my body in association with a peaceful state: the opposite of fight or flight.

Sleep came on quickly, and I began dreaming. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant one, but I marveled at this all the same — I haven’t had a dream I remembered in nearly a year. I tend to dream when my gut is healthy, or at least I have dreams that are vivid enough to remember at these times. There was also something obvious about it — I was clearly trying to process events that had been building in my subconscious.

Furthermore, I’m also starting to crave real food again, instead of having no appetite and shoveling down my powdered elemental diet. This is the essence of healing!


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