I realize I haven’t updated this blog in a long, long time. Well, I have some admirable excuses. I’ve been feeling so GOOD lately, and have been working outside the house for the last several months. So, essentially, I’ve been too busy LIVING.

The gist of my approach has been to treat SIBO with plenty of olive leaf, oregano oil (never more than 2 weeks at a time with the oregano),Ā  and berberine complex. Occasionally I add a peppermint oil mixture containing fennel and ginger. A low FODMAP diet is another aspect of the protocol, because I began to notice my favorite veggies, like Kale and Collard Greens caused tinnitus, heat in my abdomen, insomnia, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Switching to a diet of animal protein and cooked iceberg lettuce has helped a lot. I plan to incorporate other low FODMAP foods later.

With the herbal supplements, I have been incredibly persistent, and it’s paid off. In fact, with all of this, the key seems to be never, every letting up. I stumbled in the past, and tried drinking homemade kefir. It tasted great, and logic suggests all the flora would do me good, but my gut is not ready yet to digest dairy. The SIBO flared up so violently, I felt like I went all the way back to square one. This was about a month ago.

What’s improving? My gut function is normalizing. It’s been so long since I can recall not being constipated, but here I am now, heading to the loo about an hour after I eat, and having formed stools that are soft enough to pass easily. This is the way crapping should be! I’ve also stopped hearing loud and constant tinnitus. This improved the moment my gut motility started to normalize. No more heat in my abdomen anymore, either. When my SIBO would flare in the past, my entire abdomen, including my lower back, would feel very warm to the touch. Now my skin is cool, like it used to be in the good ole days.

I’m also seeing relief from acne/rosacea and chronic sinusitis. This suggests to me my gut wall is healing, and commensal bacteria is no longer translocating to these areas.

Perhaps the best of all, hyperadrenergic POTS is also gone. No more high pulse and blood pressure. I’m beginning to feel much more energetic, much less brain fog, and my mood is clear and bright. I feel more creative, my mind is more engaged in the world around me, I’m sleeping really well and testosterone levels are now back in the normal range. Yes, I can honestly say I feel frisky.

What still needs improvement? I’m underweight, 6 feet tall and 151 lbs. I’d like to gain 5-10, and this has been difficult in recent years. I am also dealing with a flare of ulcerative colitis, which started out pretty intense, but has gotten much better with probiotic retention enemas (4oz distilled water with 4 capsules “Align” probiotic), delivered in an empty (rinsed out) Fleet enema bottle. I do think the herbal protocol is helping with the UC, too. Perhaps because candida can be a trigger.

My next goal is to build a full population of hookworm (necator americanus), to cope with any remaining food intolerances, and then do another series of fecal transplants, since after all these herbals I’m pretty sure my microbiome is not as strong as it could be. If i can find a particularly happy and calm donor, even better.

Stay tuned. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “PROGRESS..!!

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