Hookworm working, feeling great!

Today I’m 10 1/2 weeks into a 75 hookworm dose. As far as I know, I had no worms remaining when I did that top off, because stool tests for ova were negative at the time, but I have had blood work done recently suggesting the new dose is alive and well. My EOS level is quite high, which is consistent with a parasitic infection.

I should add that for nearly everyone providers won’t allow a dose of 75 at once, but in my case I’ve demonstrated a very high tolerance, and have some health issues that make hosting for longer periods difficult, so my provider was willing to make a rare exception.

How am I feeling? Fantastic. Today Spring has sprung, the air is so loaded with pollen you can see it blowing in the wind. This year I can smell all sorts of flowers and other plants in the breeze, which is a nice change of pace. In previous allergy seasons when I was not hosting hookworm I was stuck inside, huddled in a dark room next to an air purifier, and shoveling down vitamin C, the only antihistamine I could tolerate. So the scent of Spring is a wonderful, new thing.

It’s a joy to have no asthma, no sinus trouble, and my mood is also really balanced. I have more energy, no more insomnia, my skin is clearing up (less rosacea), constipation (one of many side effects of levaquin) is gone, and I’m starting to gain some healthy weight: 6 ft tall, and 160 lbs. After being underweight for the last 10 years, this is a major milestone. I now weigh what I did before I got sick with ulcerative colitis. On the IBD front, I have not had a flare in a year or more, and the last one was brief, and quite mild.

Besides the hookworm protocol, I am drinking home-brewed kefir daily, and eating raw, organic sauerkraut a few days a week. I have adopted a lower-fat “mediterranean paleo” diet, designed to keep my lipid profile optimized. This seems to be encouraging good gut flora diversity, too.

Apologies for not updating this blog sooner. I’ve been busy working, holding down more than one job, and at times working 12 days straight. Anyone who has followed my blog from the start knows how incredible this is. I feel “normal” again, but in some ways I feel better than I have in about 15 years. Seriously!

7 thoughts on “Hookworm working, feeling great!

  1. Hi! I’ve suffered with horrible seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember and stumbled upon hookworms! I am also celiac, have rosacea and have lots of other autoimmune issues in my family. Thanks for sharing its giving me hope that this is something that may work for me!!


    • hi, mikaela — you are certainly not alone. healing our microbiomes will be the challenge for most humans in the years ahead. damage done by antibiotics has been catastrophic, since everyone gets their flora from their mothers, who more often than not were given antibiotics, and had damaged flora from their own mothers who also took them. reversing this is going to take a concerted effort. some scientists are now studying the gut flora of mummies, hoping we can culture bacteria in the lab and create more biodiversity in our modern bodies.

      for now, bacteriotherapy and helminthic therapy are two protocols with a lot of overlap that can at least put a halt to GI related issues, and in many cases begin to slowly bring us back to health. hope you can join us here:




  2. Hello,

    I am so glad you are doing well. I am using your blog as a beacon of light in my endeavors. Enjoy every single minute of it!


  3. Hello, just happened to find your page while doing some research. I wanted to message you privately, but there is no contact info. Could you provide it please?


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