Poop swaps, insulin resistance, and Resistant Starch

An outstanding article here re: FMT and insulin resistance, plus the key to resistant starch success: butyrate. Very well done, Heisenbug! 🙂

Mr. Heisenbug

File this under: “Why aren’t we talking more about this?!”

An experiment out of the Netherlands. Title says it all: Transfer of Intestinal Microbiota From Lean Donors Increases Insulin Sensitivity in Individuals With Metabolic Syndrome.

They took 18 obese men exhibiting metabolic syndrome and gave them fecal transplants (if you aren’t familiar with what that is, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like — completely replaces your microbiota with that of a donor). HALF of the obese men received a transplant from a lean, healthy donor. The other half, however, was a control — they simply had their own microbiota reimplanted.

One of the study’s findings, even before the experiment was carried out, is pretty interesting. They found that the obese men had less overall microbial diversity, more bacteroidetes, and significantly less bacteria from Clostridia cluster XIVa. You should be familiar with cluster XIVa by now — they were the superstars…

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