Iodine Protocol: Still Working!

I’ve been taking iodine therapeutically since November 5, 2014, well over a month now, and experiencing some very solid benefits. For an explanation of why it may be helping so much, you can see the first installment here, and the second installment here.

It’s still highly effective against fungal overgrowth. In fact, other than a slight hint of candida symptoms whenever I stop iodine for 48 hours or more, this chronic infection now feels totally under control. It’s impressive, considering how sick I have been with yeast issues for much of my adult life, after taking multiple rounds of Cipro and Levaquin antibiotics.


I know of no better way to measure iodine’s impact than to say I was able to eat two bananas, on back to back nights, as a midnight snack last week. For years, even one bite would have brought on a torrent of yeast symptoms, such as itchy ears, skin eruptions, scalp problems, asthma, and… none of this happened. Instead, I now have a tasty new source of potassium in my diet.

Boosting thyroid function allows our innate immunity to kill candida – not such a crazy thought now, nor was it back in 1972, if you read this very interesting study linked here.

Most protocols start at high doses, such as 12.5 mg iodine, and then increase over time to as many as 50 mg or even 100 mg.

This is NOT what I’ve been doing.

I cannot stress it enough — for me, going low and slow has yielded the best results. If you read my first post, you’ll see I ramped up from 2.5 mg in water (using Lugol’s 2%, one drop per day) and over a two week period went to 12.5 mg for only a brief time. Yikes. Not good. Even with salt loading, as needed, my detox remained intense.


It wasn’t uncommon for me to have diarrhea throughout the day, and this continued even at 7.5 mg iodine daily, or down to 5 mg. I did divided doses, added to distilled water, from morning until noon. Whatever the approach it was just too much, so I’ve since backed it way off… to right where I began… at 2.5 mg. This equates to only one drop of Lugol’s 2% Iodine solution, in a pint of distilled water, and I sip it during the first half of the day, to avoid any stimulating effects before bed.

Furthermore, rather than continuous daily use, I’m now trying it for 4 days on, 3 days off, which is considered “pulse dosing”, so my body can catch up on the detoxification process. My gut has always been my weakest link, and I encourage anyone who is doing an iodine protocol to not only listen to their body, but anticipate how their unique physiology may require adjustments to dosing.

Even on my iodine-free days, I continue to take the companion nutrients. Selenium is most important, from the standpoint of protecting the thyroid against harm, as with hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition. Chris Kresser has recommended a complex, containing a few types of selenium, Paul Jaminet feels most people will be able to get enough from food sources, others suggest eating brazil nuts, with a caveat: more than a few might cause an overdose of selenium.

What other types of nutritional support can help? Since the gut is most anyone’s primary detox pathway, I’m making sure I drink home-brewed kefir daily and take VSL #3 and Miyarisan Tablets for additional probiotics. I’m also adding plenty of resistant starch to my diet, to encourage the growth of healthy colonic bacteria.

So how about the bigger picture, the future? I’m driven by results, and right now candida symptoms are virtually gone, I’ve healed my constipation, I’m sleeping better (except when diarrhea has been active), my body temperature is much more even, and I no longer get chilled on warm days, I have fewer aches and pains, no more mucus or blood in stools (I’ve had ulcerative colitis since 2000).

Sounds like I’m correcting hypothyroidism, doesn’t it? My sinusitis is gone (fungal overgrowth-related), my vision is much sharper, my libido is back, my skin is clear, my hair is softer and no longer dry, tinnitus is gone about 75% of the time, my appetite is better, and I also feel “full” when I’ve eaten enough food. I also have virtually zero anxiety.

Basically, it’s as if all my body’s rhythms are in tune, and I’m running a little hotter. I feel hugely better. So, given this, my instinct is to resist the urge to push aggressively through what would probably be a rough detox. I’d rather spare my body that damage and be patient. After all, since I’m feeling so solid, what’s the rush? 🙂

If you’ve had a history of Cipro, Levaquin, or other fluoroquinolone antibiotics use, and are developing hypothyroid symptoms, you may have a functional iodine deficiency, due to iodine receptors being blocked by fluoride and other toxins, such as bromide, chlorine, and mercury. We have a group on Facebook now, for learning about ways to correct this problem. Whether you’re actively taking iodine, or just want to learn more about it, please feel free to join us. Also, your comments are appreciated here in the Hot Topics forum. Login, hit the “join group” button, and go. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Iodine Protocol: Still Working!

  1. Great info and article, but now I have a few questions.

    1) Should we take an iodine loading test (urine) to determine if we are, indeed, iodine insufficient?

    2) Is the test using painting your arm with iodine and seeing how long it takes to fade valid for showing if we need iodiine?

    I’d started taking Lugol’s on my own and was able to take about 5 drops every day in water with no bad effects, however, can’t say there were any improvements in energy, etc.

    I have CFIDS so need to go back to my CFIDS MD and get blood tests on a bunch of things, including the thyroid measures (all of them).

    3) Do you or did you have any other conditions such as CFIDS?

    Thanks … I’ll look on FB for your Iodine group.

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    • HI, Denise – I believe the dose required for an iodine loading test (usually 50 mg) is too high for it to be worth the risk.

      In my own case, I started with only one drop of Lugol’s 2%, which supplies 2.5 mg. That was plenty for me. I tried the 12.5 mg “starting dose” that some doctors suggest, a full two weeks later, and it was way too high.

      Low and slow is the only way to go, at least at first, and it sounds like you’ve been gradual.

      The skin test is probably unreliable also, and could give someone sensitive a day of heart palpitations if they used too much, so again, I would suggest getting tests done with a doctor to monitor thyroid health, and also just listening to our bodies as we go.

      I base a lot of what I’m doing on a subjective sense of well being, and if I feel like I’m detoxing too fast, I back off the iodine. This is known as pulse dosing.

      Since i’m not sure what strength (%) of Lugol’s you have, I can’t say much about the 5 drop dose you’re tolerating. If I assume you’ve got 2% then that’s 12.5 mg, and a lot of people do well at that level.

      It’s hard to say how long it takes to conquer fatigue. For my health issues, see the “About” tab. I know one person who was supplementing for 6 months before they finally stopped detoxing, and the response was a big burst of energy and clarity.

      Others need to be careful about pitching into a hypothyroid state, or (more rare) hyperthyroid, so i think it’s important to realize iodine may not work for everyone.

      Selenium, and other co-nutrients, appear to be a key to making it work, or — to at least minimizing any damage to the thyroid should dosing be excessive. That’s not a blanket safety, but it can help, according to the reading I’ve done.

      Thanks a lot for visiting the blog. 🙂 You can also sign up here, to create your own “Topic” in our iodine forum:

      I find it helpful to have a place where I can keep a running log of what I’ve tried and how it’s working out. 🙂


  2. Hi Terry, I came across your blog through an acquaintance, and your blog post on Iodine really resonated with me. I have/had all the symptoms you mentioned including low body temperature!!
    I started taking Lugul’s (5%, as I live in Holland) after listening to the Thyroid Summit last year. My thyroid was tested several years ago and it came back “normal”. Only TSH was tested and according to the specialists on the summit TSH tells us bugger all. I upped the drop every 14 days to reach 4 drops after 6 weeks. But I cut back shortly after that, as I fealt it was too much (not that I was detoxing). I was in Australia on holidays at the end of last year so stopped the Lugul’s (can’t take a bottle of fluid with me!)
    I have noticed that I feel the cold a lot less this winter and have just made the connection to the iodine. When I first started I took my temperature first thing in the morning and it averaged at 35.8 Celcius (96.44) and this morning it was 36.3 (97.34) so that has improved.
    I tried milk kefir twice and both times I noticed that it raises my blood sugars substantially, so have had to stop again (T2 diabetes). The resistant starch experiement didn’t work for me as well. Instead I have started fermenting and it seems to be working (no molds). I have made Kimchi, cucumbers, carrots and saurkraut. Have a few other recipes I will give a go. So I can eat fermented food with every meal. Hopefully my family down below will appreciate it.



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