4 thoughts on “Is it Your Thyroid, the Fluoride… or the Mercury?

  1. Just found this site and the posts are fantastic !!! I was poisoned by cipro three years ago after taking it for a supposed “bone infection” in my big toe which was really a yeast infection caused by another antibiotic I had taken months before for a stomach bug. Anyway after five rounds of cipro my health went into a nose dive ; psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis , major candida overgrowth extreme food intolerances the list I’m sure you’re all to familiar with. The damage done to my Achilles’ tendon was so severe I couldn’t walk for six months. I eventually started healing through the same techniques you used but it took years. I wished I had found this site sooner because it basically serves has the floxie hand guide to recovery ,great job ! Three months ago I received ten treatments of fmt and It completely changed my life for the better , about 75% better now . I maintain gut flora using same probiotics as you and am planning to incorporate mutaflor the ecoli probiotic but don’t know if it is available in the US. Also one of the most important aspects of my recovery was eliminating plastic from my life , especially no plastic water bottles. I think this one gets swept under the rug way too much and is s huge killer for gut flora. Thanks again for this awesome site and look forward to more articles !! Ps I had the exact same experience with bananas before my fmt , one bite and my big toe blew up with yeast. Now I enjoy one a day !

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    • Tyler, thank you so much for your comments. It makes a huge difference to know others can get great results doing some of these same things.

      Ironically, I’m laying here in bed feeling rough because my colon could use a lot more good bacteria – expect a “How to Survive Iodine Detox as a Floxie” post, when I am back on my feet. If only I could do FMT now, it would be perfect timing.

      Meet me over on GHN Forums, and please start a “Success Stories” thread in our “Hot Topics” forum, where you can share some details. I want to hear the rest of this. 🙂



  2. Hi guys…. I go through about 3 plastic bottles a day and have been living like this for around ten years. They are all Evian bottles I buy from a supermarket. Do I really need to worry about this? I’m pretty sure I read plastic bottles are bad for u and went plastic free for two months with no change in gut issue…


    • Hi, Harry – I’m not sure what the risks are of the plastic itself, used in Evian bottles, but I did find a list of bottled water brands and their fluoride content.


      We should keep in mind this is probably variable, but still is good encouragement to keep using distilled (made at home) to avoid as many toxins as possible.

      I add a few drops of trace minerals to each glass of my distilled water, so i don’t end up depleting my mineral status.


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