GHN – Changing Things Up a Bit! :-)

Hello, everyone! Going forward, I’m planning to shift the format here at GHN to include shorter posts with links to breaking news related to the microbiome, and strategies for improving GI health. These will include related studies, whenever possible, and interconnected ideas from all the”self-experimenters” in our (rapidly expanding!) networks. I realize many use this … Continue reading GHN – Changing Things Up a Bit! 🙂

Fecal Transplant, The Return of Joy

For quite a while now I’ve battled with fatigue, insomnia, POTS (blood pressure spikes), racing heart, and anxiety/depression when my gut flora is particularly out of balance. Last January things worsened, especially weight loss, pain in my left descending colon, and extreme fatigue, so much so that I didn’t recognize the symptoms anymore as “my … Continue reading Fecal Transplant, The Return of Joy

3 weeks in…

So it’s now been 21 days since I inoculated with 75 hookworm. I’ve had an upper respiratory flu that morphed into a sinus and middle ear infection. The goal was to avoid antibiotics (I cannot tolerate them), especially because they have contributed to so many of my health issues. Another course of them now could … Continue reading 3 weeks in…

More Whipworm for Ulcerative Colitis Flare

My gut has been doing incredibly well ever since starting helminthic therapy back in late April, 2011. On August 8th I had to take Levaquin antibiotics for 7 days, and this “stunned” my worms enough that they no longer were providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Three days ago I noticed the first hint of an ulcerative colitis … Continue reading More Whipworm for Ulcerative Colitis Flare