Tell Your Doctors: Stop Overprescribing Cipro, Levaquin & Other Fluoroquinolones

People the world over have had their health ruined by a dangerous class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. Cipro and Levaquin are two of the most common names. Check this list here to see if you’ve taken them.

The FDA recently put black box warnings on these drugs due to adverse reactions, like neuropathy and tendon damage, but the effects include a variety of unofficial consequences some of us know all too well: ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, CFS/ME, liver and kidney damage, hypothyroidism, tinnitus, SIBO, and diabetes, to name a few.


Fellow “Floxies” – another year is nearly behind us. I hope you’re all having the best holidays possible — I wanted to ask each of you a favor.

Let’s create a vibrant, public forum where we can present our case – not only the scientific evidence, but also the human toll – to the medical community. Let’s educate doctors, who continue to prescribe these drugs, about the dangers of fluoroquinolones.

I’ve created a new site, GHN Forums. It’s a health community that can be easily searched from Google (unlike most Facebook groups), and it’s free to anyone who wants to join. You, your friends, your family members, and especially your doctors – let’s meet up, and let’s fix this.

Signing up to GHN Forums just takes one click via FB Connect. Here’s the link. Once inside, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout, and then meet up in the forums. It’s a brand new group, and it needs your voices.

In the days and months ahead, as our community grows, GHN will stay on the case, and coordinate with others, to see real safeguards are put in place, so these drugs are no longer given out for minor infections, or prescribed to people who have already been floxed.

This is a “numbers game”, as the saying goes. Please share this article using the social links below. FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. Ask others in your networks to get involved, too. Let’s email this out to physicians, and encourage them to spread the word.

If we succeed, think of the immediate impact, and what it will do for future generations.

Meanwhile, as always, GHN is dedicated to helping those of us already damaged by these drugs to find better health. One such example is our Iodine Forum. You’re also invited to join up and create your own group. The idea is to figure out what’s working, and learn from each other.

Let’s make 2015 a genuinely Happy New Year.


6 thoughts on “Tell Your Doctors: Stop Overprescribing Cipro, Levaquin & Other Fluoroquinolones

  1. Hi Terry, thanks for a great post about the over-prescribing of these medications. I would also like to ass that people with a history of mental illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD should not be prescribed these meds. They seriously exaggerate symptoms associated with mental illness and I would not be surprised if they were found to actually cause the onset of mental health breakdowns.

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  2. Been disabled 4 years due to fluroquinolones. Pain and all other symptoms are horrendous. Not getting any better no matter what I do to try and repair my immune system. I hope we get some docs on here open to helping us and willing to stop the insanity in how these drugs are given out like candy!

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    • Susan, I’m sorry we’re all struggling like this, and agree we’ll probably find more than a few doctors in this process who understand the damage FQs cause. We may even find some who know how to fix it.

      I’m not “all well” yet, but doing a lot better, since taking very low dose iodine. Quite a number of floxies i know are getting benefits from the RDA, which is just 150 mcg a day. GHN has an iodine forum now, and you can reach us via FB, too. “Iodine for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity”. Head to my blog (and check the sidebar) for a link. 🙂

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