Day 41 — Good Vibes.

Do I continue to run to the loo, constantly? Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Does my gut hurt now and then? Of course. Am I a bit dehydrated and skinny? Uh-huh.

Am I bothered by any of this? Not in the least.

Today was day number 3 of a profound new development — absolute calm, improved breathing, and increased energy during exercise. I enjoy walking so much now, being outside, just floating along through my neighborhood. It’s meditative, relaxing, enjoyable — and this is happening for the first time ever.

I’ve probably always had a problem processing adrenaline. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember having some difficulty breathing during vigorous exercise, and I’d get pretty amped up, jangled, when I exerted myself. As a young man, it would take me a while to “come down” after a workout, too.

Here in mid life, thanks to some new “old friends”, I’m starting to break free of all that. It’s nothing short of incredible.

How long will this last? I’m not assuming anything. I’m taking things day by day, and just enjoying the ride.

Thank you, helminths.

2 thoughts on “Day 41 — Good Vibes.

  1. thanks! for me it has certainly been exciting, and well worth the effort thus far. the bounce alone was like nothing i’ve ever experienced, and these more subtle changes are likely to be more enduring. here’s to our success!


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